Shows, Events and various Projects of the Artists of the Collective.
The GoGA Collective Proudly Presents:"A Solo Show from Carla Secco7 Original Oil Paintings
Carla is definitely "one to watch" as she rises in the Fantasy and Popsurrealism scene. Her tenderness towards her subjects, vivid colors, dreamy landscapes and unmistakable style make her a favorite to collectors. We are extremely pleased to make these Available Exclusively through us. Please contact us with purchase inquiries."
The GoGAs are in the Beautiful Bizarre magazine Issue 18 - September 2017!
Maria Abagnale is participating in the "Pocket Size Show" at Future Gallery.
Lynda Bell and Sybile Art are participating in "The Cat's Whiskers" Show at the Inverarity Gallery.
Tracy Eire will be participating in the "Hide & Seek" show at Weswal Gallery, from Oct 14 to Nov 12.
Andrea Sotelo, Carla Secco, Lynda Bell, Sally Jacob, Sybile Art, and Tracy Eire will be participating in the "Mermaid Art" show (Nov 17).
"Lynda Bell is self-publishing a coloring book: 40 pages full of her line drawings via Pledge me."
Lynda Bell will be showing pieces in "Vegfest London" / Art Poster Exhibition, Oct 21-22 - proceeds go to an animal charity.
Andrea Sotelo and Sybile Art will be participating in the "Star Wars" show (Dec 17).
Carla Secco on 16th November will exhibit in her first personal exhibition that will be held in the presentation of the book "Business Class Hotels" Edition 2017 "Viaggio nel MIstero" by Enrica Perucchietti of which she has curated the cover.


Grab your *Carla Secco* and *Tracy Eire* pieces! 

'VENUS' is an all-women tour-de-force at La Bodega Gallery (San Diego, California; (619) 255-7036) on March 10th, 2018! It features 96 artists, including some of your GoGAs!
Please join us for the excitement of the show by clicking 'Interested' or 'Going' right over here:
Viva La Mujer!!!